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''Dove sei, dove mai'' è il titolo del suo nuovo singolo, tratto dall’album ''Anima Sbiadita'' che vedrà la luce in autunno

La band di Detroit annuncia un nuovo album dopo... 53 anni di silenzio!

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24/05/2017   THE BEACH BOYS
  In uscita il 30 giugno una nuova compilation della storica band: ''1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow''

I Beach Boys hanno annunciato l'arrivo di una nuova compilation intitolata ''1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow'', in uscita il 30 giugno per Capitol Records. La compilation vanterà il primo stereo mix del loro album ''Wild Honey'' (1967) e 54 registrazioni inedite: tracce dalle session di ''Wild Honey'' e ''Smiley Smile'' e registrazioni live dei concerti del '67 alle Hawaii, Washington, D.C. e Boston. La compilation verrà pubblicata in doppio cd e digitale, e ''Wild Honey'' (stereo mix) sarà ristampato in vinile. Di seguito la tracklist completa.


The Beach Boys: 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow

Disc 1

Wild Honey Album (Stereo)
1. Wild Honey
2. Aren't You Glad
3. I Was Made To Love Her
4. Country Air
5. A Thing Or Two
6. Darlin’
7. I'd Love Just Once To See You
8. Here Comes The Night
9. Let The Wind Blow
10. How She Boogalooed It
11. Mama Says (Original Mono Mix)

Wild Honey Sessions: September - November 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
12. Lonely Days (Alternate Version)
13. Cool Cool Water (Alternate Early Version)
14. Time To Get Alone (Alternate Early Version)
15. Can't Wait Too Long (Alternate Early Version)
16. I'd Love Just Once To See You (Alternate Version)
17. I Was Made To Love Her (Vocal Insert Session)
18. I Was Made To Love Her (Long Version)
19. Hide Go Seek
20. Honey Get Home
21. Wild Honey (Session Highlights)
22. Aren't You Glad (Session Highlights)
23. A Thing Or Two (Track And Backing Vocals)
24. Darlin’ (Session Highlights)
25. Let The Wind Blow (Session Highlights)

Wild Honey Live: 1967 - 1970 (Previously Unreleased)
26. Wild Honey (Live) - recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
27. Country Air (Live) - recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
28. Darlin’ (Live) - recorded in Pittsburgh, November 22, 1967
29. How She Boogalooed It (Live) - recorded in Detroit, November 17, 1967
30. Aren’t You Glad (Live) - recorded in 1970, location unknown
31. Mama Says (Session Highlights) (Previously unreleased vocal session highlights. Recorded at Wally Heider Recording, November 1967)

Disc 2
Smiley Smile Sessions: June - July 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
1. Heroes And Villains (Single Version Backing Track)
2. Vegetables (Long Version)
3. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Alternate Mix)
4. Wind Chimes (Alternate Tag Section)
5. Wonderful (Backing Track)
6. With Me Tonight (Alternate Version With Session Intro)
7. Little Pad (Backing Track)
8. All Day All Night (Whistle In) (Alternate Version 1)
9. All Day All Night (Whistle In) (Alternate Version 2)
10. Untitled (Redwood) (Previously unreleased instrumental fragment. Studio and exact recording date unknown. Discovered in tape box labeled “Redwood”)

Lei'd In Hawaii “Live” Album: September 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
11. Fred Vail Intro
12. The Letter
13. You're So Good To Me
14. Help Me, Rhonda
15. California Girls
16. Surfer Girl
17. Sloop John B
18. With A Little Help From My Friends (Recorded at Brian Wilson’s house, September 23, 1967)
19. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Recorded during rehearsal, August 26, 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii)
20. God Only Knows
21. Good Vibrations
22. Game Of Love
23. The Letter (Alternate Take)
24. With A Little Help From My Friends (Stereo Mix)

Live In Hawaii: August 1967 (Previously Unreleased)
(The Beach Boys recorded two complete concerts and rehearsals in Honolulu on August 25 and 26, 1967. Brian Wilson rejoined the group onstage for these shows; Bruce Johnston was not present. The following tracks derive from the original 1” 8-track master reels discovered in the Brother Records Archives)
25. Hawthorne Boulevard
26. Surfin'
27. Gettin’ Hungry
28. Hawaii (Rehearsal Take)
29. Heroes And Villains (Rehearsal)

Thanksgiving Tour 1967: Live In Washington, D.C. & Boston (Previously Unreleased)
(The touring Beach Boys - Mike, Carl Dennis, Al, and Bruce – embarked on a Thanksgiving Tour immediately after delivering the finished Wild Honey album to Capitol Records. For this tour, the band was augmented by Ron Brown on bass and Daryl Dragon on keyboards.)
30. California Girls (Live) - recorded in Washington, DC, November 19, 1967
31. Graduation Day (Live) - recorded in Washington, DC, November 19, 1967
32. I Get Around (Live) - recorded in Boston, November 23, 1967

Additional 1967 Studio Recordings (Previously Unreleased)
33. Surf’s Up (1967 Version) (Recorded during the Wild Honey sessions in November 1967)
34. Surfer Girl (1967 A Capella Mix) (Previously unreleased mix of Lei’d In Hawaii take from the Wally Heider Recording sessions in September 1967)